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One of my favorite things I did while in Ecuador was spend an afternoon at Piedra de Agua, right outside of Cuenca. My host family was spending the afternoon, and I was invited to go along.

We first had lunch at the restaurant that is right there at the spa, and it was delicious! I started out with some french onion soup, and while it certainly looks different than when I’ve had it in the U.S., it was wonderful! I followed this up with some garlic chicken and tea.


Following the lunch, the others in my group went through all the steps in their relaxation package (it looks amazing, doesn’t it?), which took maybe 3-4 hours. While they were doing that, I ended up getting a half hour massage (that’s all the time they had free since I hadn’t made an appointment ahead of time).

DSCN6497Such a cool setting!

The massage was a bit different than any I had received before. First of all, the massages took place in a cave in the side of a volcano. Amazing, right? The setting alone made the money and trip there worth it. When I walked in, the massage therapist stayed in the room as I undressed, which is something I have never experienced before in the U.S. It was a little strange, but it was fine. The massage itself was good, and the entire experience was a lot of fun!

After the massage I spent about 30 minutes laying out by the pool in the sunshine. The view looks up at the Andes Mountains, and it’s gorgeous. I then walked around the facilities for about an hour or hour and a half and just enjoyed the view. Once my host family was done with their package, they invited me to join them for their fruit and chocolate platter, which was amazing!


The Red and Blue Mud Pools

DSCN6498 DSCN6488 DSCN6502

The entire experience from the time we left Cuenca until the time we returned was about 5 hours, but of course it wouldn’t need to be that long if you were to just go for a meal or a massage. The trip is well worth it, and the setting is gorgeous.