While training for my half marathon this past fall, I seriously considered whether I wanted to train for a race in the spring or if I wanted to try something different. Then race day came, and I knew that I OF COURSE wanted to run another half marathon. The past two springs I’ve run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon (2012 Recap & 2013 Recap), and while I love the race course (for the most part), I really don’t like running the speedway. This year I decided to try something different (and hopefully I won’t regret it!), and on the last day of 2013 I signed up for the Carmel Half Marathon.

The race is April 12th, which is a few weeks earlier than the Mini. This means that training starts this week for me (instead of at the beginning of February like the mini). This past fall I biked 1-2 times a week while training for my half marathon, but I’m starting to do longer rides now, so it’ll be interesting to see how this might play a part in my training!

So- here I am, ready for training for half marathon number 5 (oh my gosh- how can I be up to 5 already?!)

Now it’s your turn to share! Are you training for anything this spring?