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On New Years Eve in 2012 I had a sort of bad feeling about 2013, and I just felt like something would be off during the year. Most of my year was pretty amazing, but 2013 also brought some pain and frustrations that I ended up dealing with throughout the year (with extended members of my family that I have no control of, but obviously impact me). I want to acknowledge and appreciate the year for all the good things in it, but I’m also not too sad to see 2013 end. Here’s how the year broke down:

January: The month started with a trip home after Christmas at my parent’s house. Low key, chill month. I was sick for a week, so not much happened. January is a relaxed month at work, so I had a lot of time to spend with my friends. I set 13 challenges for myself for the year. I traveled twice month.

February: This month I really started to talk about POTS on the blog, and I’m glad that I started opening up about this. I did the Sweet Cupcake 5k race this month, along with the Tackle the Miles 5k. This month I started to lead wellness groups on top of my 40 hour a week job, so that was a big adjustment with all the extra time involved (ended up being an extra 8-9 hours a week. This went until April). I started the month by talking about dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I traveled once this month to North Carolina for work, and it was nice to get some warm weather here. I watched every episode of Castle this month.

March: This month was fun as it ended with a fun week-long Spring Break trip in Marco Island, Florida. I did a St. Patrick’s 10k race, and I introduced the topic of boundaries. I traveled once this month.

April: This month I completed the Cherry Blossom 5k. When I think of April it’s all a complete blur, but I do think about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I traveled one weekend in April to give a lecture.

May: May is a crazy month because we close out our year of clients, and it’s the start of summer vacation. I kicked off the month with my 3rd half marathon. I gave a lecture at the end of the month. I also visited my parents after work ended, and my brother in the Air Force was able to go home as well. I traveled twice this month.

June: I completed my 2nd sprint triathlon this month, which was lots of fun! I ended the month by traveling to Marco Island, Florida for vacation. I gave a lecture in another state, an that went really well. I traveled twice this month.

July: This month started with me still being in Florida, where I got to see the fireworks on the beach! In the middle of the month I did pilates barre training. The month ended with me being diagnosed with posterior tibial tendinitis. This month I gave a lecture at a very well known clinic, which was a huge honor. I traveled 1 time this month.

August: Birthday month! I did my two longest bike rides ever this month: a 33 miler and a 40 miler. In the middle of the month I visited a friend from a camp that I worked at back in 2005, and we had a great time! I ended the month with starting back to work after having the summer off! This month I started watching both Criminal Minds and NCIS, which I’m still working my way through currently.

September: At the end of the month I spent 2 days in Boston for work, and walked the  final mile of the Boston Marathon route. I ran the Color Me Rad 5k and had a really fun time! This month I finally got a bike of my own, and I loved going on rides after work! I taught my first pilates class this month, and have really had a lot of fun teaching since then! The month kicked off with a labor day weekend trip for my brother’s soccer tournament. I traveled 3 times this month.

October: This month wasn’t highly exciting. I traveled to North Carolina at the end of the month to visit friends, and that was fun! I set a new 5k PR this month in a race I was only running for fun. This month I watched my brother play his final soccer game of college, which was really sad for me to watch. It’s been a joy to get to watch him play 4 years of college soccer.

November: I started the month off with my 4th half marathon and finished it off with a 5k Gobble Wobble Race. I traveled for my brother’s pilot training graduation and for a lecture I did for a clinic and hospital. There were 4 trips I took this month. I also opened up a bit about how I started to work out with POTS.

December: I finally got my bike trainer and started to get some long rides in for the winter! I talked about 2013 in Running as well as Biking. I lost my first race, but it didn’t really bother me. I took 1 trip this month.

It looks like I took 20 trips this year, which averages almost two trips a month-whew! This year was one of the busiest of my life. I had so many fun times with friends and family members, learned a lot, challenged myself quite a bit, and overall really enjoyed my life. I’m thankful for all the provisions and blessings in the year, and for all the lessons learned. Mostly I’m thankful for the people in my life- it’s what truly makes it wonderful.

And here’s to a great 2014.

Tell me something that stands out about your year!