My “thankful thursday” post is coming at you on a Friday this week instead of Thursday, as I’m just starting to resurface after the Christmas holiday! I hope you had an enjoyable day. This was definitely not one of my favorite Christmases, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to enjoy and plenty of fun. Here are the things I’m thankful for about Christmas this year:

I’m thankful for paid time off: I’m thankful that I got to sit around in my pjs all day in front of a fire and have fun WHILE ALSO getting paid for it! Win-win, right?

I’m thankful that my brother in the Air Force got time off! Every time we are together I’m thankful for it! I can’t believe that we didn’t always appreciate the everyday living that we did growing up where we got to hang out so often (but who does when they’re 8, really?). I’m so thankful that the military gave him the time off for a few days at Christmas- especially because we only were able to get a short phone call late on Thanksgiving day.

I’m thankful that all of us siblings could be together. So fun.

I’m thankful for the perfectly cheesy hallmark movie that we ended Christmas watching. I love a good hallmark movie with lots of cheese at the end of it. We found a perfectly cheesy movie that was upbeat and completely dripping in cheese. We had so much fun watching it!

I’m thankful for the gifts that I was able to give and to receive! I got a mix of fun, useful, practical, and all around fantastic gifts this year, and I’m thankful for that (rolling pin! Milk frother! running shoes! Runner’s World!)

What’re you thankful for this Christmas week?