Not many Thursdays left in the year, are there? The fact that we’re in the 2nd half of the last month of the year sort of boggles my mind. Wasn’t I just watering plants and pulling weeds? Here’s what I’m thankful for at the moment:

Snow! It’s been SO beautiful the past week as we’ve gotten snow almost every single day. I actually didn’t drive from Friday night until Tuesday afternoon, and I had to spend almost half an hour digging myself out. I couldn’t be annoyed, though, because it was just so beautiful.

Space heater. In the middle of the snow storm this past weekend, our “feels like” was in the single digits. While this is by no means REALLY cold, it made my place feel a bit drafty. I’m thankful for my space heater to chase the draftiness away!

The semester being over. This was by far the most crazy semester client-wise that I’ve ever had. I’m thankful that all clients are safe and alive. I’m thankful for the growth and lessons learned at work this semester, but I’m also glad for a short break!

My bike trainer! This week the roads were too icy to run or bike outside, so I’m thankful that I have a bike trainer now so I can still fit in some good cardio!

My co-workers. They’re so fantastic.

What’re you feeling thankful for today?