As holidays come and go each year, I like to pause and think of these holidays in the past. Right now, I’m thinking of Thanksgivings past and the memories that I hold dear from this. For today, I’m thinking about memories from Thanksgiving when I was little, and I thought I’d share a few with you:

  • Back when I was 6, my aunt (who had just gotten married that previous May to my uncle) and uncle came for their first official Thanksgiving as a married couple. My cousin (who is my age and was also a flower girl in their wedding) and I were horrified and intrigued at the idea of kissing, and after seeing my aunt and uncle kiss at their wedding, we were interested. We made “please kiss” signs and hung them all over their room and the house. I even remember that we hung a sign on the inside of the toilet seat. So strange, right?
  • One year when creepy-crawlers were popular, my cousins and I spent hours every day making them. We then proceeded to try to hide them in the adults food after meals were dished up. Nothing like biting into a small little creepy crawler, right? I’m pretty sure we were pretty annoying to have around…
  • Every year my church does a Thanksgiving-eve service, and when we were growing up they would have a time where anyone in the church could get up and share what they were thankful for in the past year. For a few years in elementary school my cousin and I would get up together and say something. One year we got a little embarrassed and tried to run back to our pew, and I tripped on the microphone stand. Oops.
  • All my cousins and I would make a haunted house almost every Thanksgiving weekend in my basement. It was so much fun for us to do, and I’m sure it was absolutely ridiculous to actually walk through. It’s a great memory though!
  • In elementary and middle school, my cousin and I would make paper chains to countdown the days from Thanksgiving to Christmas (when I would see my cousin again). We made this out of green and red construction paper, and we set a time each night that we would both tear off our chains. We would make them for all our other cousins as well.

I think about each of these things every Thanksgiving, usually accompanied with a smile, laugh, or text to my cousin.

Now it’s your turn to share! Tell me a favorite childhood Thanksgiving memory that you have!