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It’s a holiday week! These sorts of weeks are fun as there’s a great energy in the air at work, and this week I only work Monday and Tuesday 🙂 I know that this week is busy for lots of people as we’re busy cleaning, packing, traveling, and cooking as we prepare for Thanksgiving, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Holidays can be a really happy time, but when stress exists in our life (especially tension in our family), holidays can be stressful. For today’s “mental health monday” post, I thought I would pull together a few other posts I’ve written in the past few years that talk about healthy holidays:

Surviving The Holidays With Family: Basic tips to stay healthy when you’re interacting with family

Grounding Techniques: Particularly stressful if a fight is going on and anxiety is increasing. This helps keep us grounded.

Owning Our Reactions: This is of particular importance when stress runs high and we get frustrated with those around us. This goes back to the series on boundaries.

Grief During the Christmas Season: While the title of this post was “Christmas”, I think a lot of these things listed here are applicable to Thanksgiving as well.

REBT Self Help Form and The Thought Record: Both of these posts go through different forms and step by step processes to keep our thoughts and feelings in check when we start to feel anxious, depressed, frustrated, and stressed.

Catastrophizing and Black & White Thinking: Two posts I did on two different cognitive distortions. These can easily come out in full force during holidays and family get togethers.

Reducing Stress During the Holiday Season : Practical steps to decrease stress.

Now it’s your turn to share! What do you do to try to stay healthy on Thanksgiving?