Happy Thursday! Have you all been hunting for the provisions in your life lately? With Thanksgiving right around the corner (at least for those of you from the US), I encourage you to think of ways that you can try to carry on this spirit of gratitude into your daily living as well! With that being said, here’s what I’m thankful for right now:

I’m thankful for safety. I went through a crazy tornado this past weekend, and even as of yesterday I’m still realizing how bad it was. As I sat huddled in my bathroom with my doors shaking in the door jams and my blinds on the inside of my windows banging around, I knew it was the worst storm I’d been through. I’m just glad I didn’t know how bad it was until it was over.

I’m thankful for my new sleepytime tea. I just got it this past weekend, and I’m really enjoying drinking a cup of it in the hour or two before I head to bed. I’m big into calming routines before bedtime, and I think that this is one of my new favorite aspects of the routine.

I’m thankful for my foam roller. My back has been tight since my race (or maybe really since all the traveling I did after my race), and I’ve been using my foam roller on my back more than on my legs. It’s been nice to roll my back for a few minutes in the evening, particularly the tight spots.

I’m thankful that POTS didn’t ruin my ability to work outI wrote an entire post on this earlier this week. Having POTS makes working out WAY more difficult and there are a lot more factors I have to balance and negotiate, but I’m ultimately still so grateful that I can exercise.

I’m thankful for relatively easy wake ups so far this week. I woke up on my own at 5:30 on Monday morning, so I got to fit in an unexpected bike ride before work! That set a great week of workouts in motion.

Now it’s your turn to share! Tell me what you’re feeling thankful for right now!