It’s been just over two weeks since my fourth half marathon, and they’ve been really busy. I was gone traveling (both for my brother’s graduation and a work trip) for 5 of those 14 days, and most of the other days have been spent working longer hours each of those days to try to make up hours/get caught up on work (I even went in for a few hours on Saturday).

Needless to say, I guess it’s been good that recovery time came when it did, because I haven’t had much time to work out! I’ve also been plagued with bad leg cramps, both on my first run since the race, and even the middle of the night (I woke up yelling a few nights ago because of a really bad calf cramp). It’s been less than ideal. I’m also trying to figure out a new work out schedule since I can’t bike outside anymore (I’m hoping to get a bike trainer soon though!).

I wrote a post last November about recovering from a half marathon, and I’ve been doing these things regularly. My mind has been going a bit crazy without as much movement as I’m used to, and I’ve even found myself exploring the ironman website for 70.3 distances. Crazy, right?

Here’s what the last two weeks have looked like, starting with Sunday the 3rd (the day after the race):

  • Sunday: 70 minutes pilates (felt AMAZING)
  • Monday: 30 minutes pilates
  • Tuesday: 20 minutes pilates, 2.1 mile walk
  • Wednesday: REST
  • Thursday: .77 mile walk, travel day
  • Friday: 2 mile walk around Air Force Base
  • Saturday: 2.1 mile walk
  • Sunday: 3.1 mile run, 1.3 mile walk
  • Monday: .5 mile walk, 7 mile bike (indoor), 15 minute weight lifting, 1 hour pilates (reformer) – day off work so I tried to squeeze a few types of exercise in as I knew the rest of the week would be crazy.
  • Tuesday: REST
  • Wednesday: REST
  • Thursday: pilates (about 20-25 minutes between warming up before class and demonstrating exercises throughout)
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 30 minutes weight lifting (I did an old workout from Best Body Bootcamp)
  • Sunday: 2.1 mile run

So, that’s what my recovery has looked like. I would’ve loved to bike a bit more, but with it getting dark around the time I get off work, it doesn’t leave much time for that. Winter requires a bit of a different training plan than the summer though, so I look forward to getting into that type of training as well.