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Well, this is the last training recap you’ll see before my race. Oh my gosh- just typing that sends shivers down my spine- YIKES! I am in no way ready to run… at least to run well. I have too many little injuries that are flared up. I am not pleased. I’ve spent more time this week foam rolling, icing, applying heat, and sitting on a tennis ball than I have in working out this week. It’s hard to find the balance between continuing to exercise and self care and recovery when a race is around the corner. Anyways, here’s what the week looked like:

  • Sunday: 10.7 mile bikeride
  • Monday: Best Body Bootcamp (Phase 4, Workout A) plus I did a 10 minute upper body circuit
  • Tuesday: Pilates
  • Wednesday: REST (spent the entire evening rotating between heat, ice, and the tennis ball)
  • Thursday: Pilates barre
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 4 mile walk

So, there you have it. I moved,  and I guess I’m technically in taper time anyways so I should be taking it easier, but this is too easy. I’m not pleased with myself… or actually, I’m not pleased with my body. But that’s what happens. Every single training cycle… and POTS definitely plays into this.