Growing up I absolutely loved having a song with my name in it. Let’s be honest- I still love that fact, and get oddly giddy when I hear the song playing anywhere. I had heard that there was a restaurant in Boston called “sweet caroline’s”, and I made a mental note on my Boston “to-do” list. When I realized that I was going to Boston for work, I knew I needed to make my way down to that restaurant I ate there after visiting Fenway and walking the final mile of the Boston marathon route. By the time I arrived I was feeling the Boston love, and was giddy to see this:


I walked in right after they opened, so I ended up being the only customer there as I quickly ate lunch (I had to eat early and quickly so I could make it to my meeting). I chose a seat right by the huge window front, and enjoyed the sunshine as I sat and watched people walk by. This was only the second time I’ve ever gone to a restaurant on my own (not including airports of course!), and my phone had died, so I was really there alone. I actually enjoyed having the chance to just sit, think, and enjoy Boston.

The restaurant itself is quaint (you can click here for pictures), and is only a few minutes from Fenway, so it’s location is fantastic! I wanted something simple after a long day (I had a 2 am wake up time that day) so I went with the grilled chicken sandwich (you can see the menu here). The sandwich was pretty standard; it wasn’t too fancy but hit the spot. It also came with a delicious side of sweet potato fries.


The staff were very friendly, and my waitress stood and talked to me a bit, which was nice since I was alone (and no one else was in the restaurant). She told me a bit about some of the things she remembered from the marathon this year, and it was interesting to hear about some personal experiences having just walked the final mile.

Overall I would go back to the restaurant in a heartbeat! The only thing that could have made my experience any better would have been to hear “sweet caroline” at some point while I was eating.

Do you have a song with your name in it? (If so- what is it?) Do you have a favorite place to eat in Boston (or have you been to Sweet Caroline’s before)?