I’ve seen a few different people do “a day in the life” posts, so I thought I might do one too. Counselors have all sorts of different schedules, so mine isn’t necessarily indicative of what each person’s might be. Each day also looks different (depending on work meetings, an “after hours” client one day a week, teaching pilates, etc…) so this post might look different every day. Tuesdays are pretty standard, so I thought I would chose today! Here’s what an average Tuesday (sans crises with clients) looks like:

4:45 am: First alarm goes off. Groan, hate myself a bit for deciding to teach early in the morning, and hit snooze

4:55 am: Finally get out of bed. It’s dark, and now that it’s getting colder outside, getting up feels even worse. Turn on the space heater and get ready

5:15 am: Grab some orange juice and a banana and eat quickly while watching a few minutes of the news and checking my email.

5:25 am: Head out with my multiple bags and food for the day. Drive to gym

5:50 am: Arrive at the gym. Throw my stuff in a locker, get the lights in the studio turned on, get pump up music started!

5:55 am: Students start arriving to class. I help them get set up and chat with them as they arrive.

6-7 am: It’s Pilates Barre day! Class is exciting and flies by!

7-7:05 am: Group members head out of class, and I talk to them as they leave. Close up studio and turn down lights.

7:05-7:30: Shower and get ready for the day in the gym locker room. Listen to the Today Show as I get ready.

7:30-7:35 am: Drive to the office and admire the sunrise!

7:35-7:45 am: Unpack lunch, turn on lights in the office, and eat 2nd breakfast for the day. Check work email.

7:45 -8 am: Pull client files for the day, make copies or print handouts if needed, etc…

8 am- 1 pm: See clients (my 8,9,10, and 12 hours come in for 50 minutes. My 11 o’clock hour is split into 2 25 minute client appointments. The last 10 minutes of each hour I go the bathroom, eat a snack, warm up more water for another cup of tea, chat with co-workers, reply to email, contact doctors, fax paperwork to the health center, and take a moment to breathe. Oh- and maybe work a bit on a client note). This chunk of hours flies by at an unbelievable pace most days.

1-2 pm: Lunch time! Sometimes I take the full hour for lunch, sometimes I end up only taking 40ish minutes for lunch and spend the rest doing paperwork. This depends on how much I got during my 10 minute breaks after each client. If it’s a nice day I’ll go outside with one of my co-workers to eat or take a quick walk.

2-4 pm: See my last 2 clients of the day.

4-5 pm: Paperwork hour. Type up client notes, finish client assessments, respond to emails, etc…

5-5:25 pm: Commute home. I’m already tired! By the time I get home I’ve been gone at work and commuting for 12 hours, so I’m ready for a break.

5:30-8 pm: Any variety of activities. I may work out, but usually Tuesdays are a “rest afternoon” since I usually do about 30 minutes of the barre class along with my students and work so many hours! If it’s really nice out I may go on a short walk. Unpack exercise bag, eat dinner, do dishes, pack lunch for the next day. If I have other things to do for my writing and speaking gigs, I might get some of that done during this time as well. Often one of my friends comes over and we watch Criminal Minds as I do all of this.

8-9 or 10 pm: Watch Biggest Loser. Foam roll, stretch, ice ankle, and other PT activities.

10 pm: Bedtime! 4:45 am wake up calls means I’m usually dozing a bit before 10, but I officially head to bed around this time.

So, this would be a very “average” day. Like I said, this can vary day to day based on after work meetings, client crises I might be dealing with, what exercise I choose to do, etc…

So, does that sound like a day that you would like?

What is the highlight of your day? To you have a group of hours that tend to fly by? What do you think sounds the most interesting about being a counselor?