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Yikes- for “peak week” this week did not go at all according to plan. My body hates me right now, and it feels like everything on my legs is unhappy, aggravated, swollen, or tight. I don’t know what’s up, but walking is a little painful, and running even more so. I’ve decided not to run this week because I’m more concerned with getting to the starting line of this race (in 2 weeks. YIKES!) then in getting in my last miles. Then again, this seems to happen almost every race cycle, but this time it just seems worse. More parts aren’t happy, and more things are aching. So, despite an awesome PR last weekend, mentally my head was just not in the game this week. Here’s how it looked:

  • Sunday:  11.17 mi bike, 20 minutes pilates
  • Monday: Best Body Workout, Phase 3, Workout A
  • Tuesday: 25-30 minutes pilates barre
  • Wednesday: 1 mile lunch walk (REST DAY)
  • Thursday: 25 minutes pilates
  • Friday: 10.75 mile bike, Best Body Workout, Phase 3, Workout B
  • Saturday: 1 hour pilates barre (pilates, barre, cardio, and weights! Awesome workout!)

I’ve done a good amount of pilates and upper body weights this week, and still fit in 4 times of cardio throughout the week, so that’s a positive. It could definitely be worse, but could definitely be better. I would’ve liked to run 10 miles Saturday, but I knew that wouldn’t be a smart decision.

Eh- it happens, right? I’m just trying to give my body what it needs leading up to race day…