There have been SO many provisions and blessings this week, and it’s time to get thankful!

I’m thankful for not getting into accidents. On Saturday I was almost hit twice by people running stop signs. The first time I was on my bike, and someone just decided that the stop sign didn’t so much apply to them. I swerved and yelled and he hit his break and proceeded to yell at me as if it was my fault. Umm… no. The second time I was driving at night. A car was sitting at a stop sign and I was on a 50 mile an hour road that has no stop signs. Apparently this car thought both me and the car coming at me from the other direction had stop signs, so he pulled out in front of me. I slammed on my breaks and my horn at the same time, and hit the break so hard that my glove box under the passenger side seat flew out completely. Luckily he stopped and I stopped at the same time, and all was ok. Both incidents in a 12 hour time span were definitely enough to get my heart pounding, and I’m glad that I’m safe.

I’m thankful that I had a few free hours in Boston. Even though it was primarily a work trip, I had a few hours free. I got to check three things off my Boston “to do” list, so that was really exciting! I felt like I had walked around the city for days instead of hours, and I’m thankful for the space and freedom I had in those hours.

I’m thankful for a nice seat partner on the plane home. Every time I board a plane I get a little nervous about who is sitting next to me. These people can really make or break a flying experience, so I always hope that I have a nice, quiet person. I don’t tend to seek out conversations because I like to use the time for reading, but on Friday the guy next to me immediately asked me about the book I had in my hand. Suddenly the 2 hour flight was over and we had talked the entire time. The time flew by, and it was a fun conversation. Yay for good seat partners.

I’m thankful for band aids. I can’t imagine life before them! While walking around Boston I got a REALLY nasty blister on my little toe, and then had to proceed to wear high heels for the next 36 hours. I am SO glad to have band aids to help create a little cushion and protect my poor little toe.

I’m thankful for quinoa. Again, I can’t imagine my life before quinoa. I cook it so regularly, and it’s such a great food to add to most of the dishes I make. It’s healthy and adds a punch of protein to so many fantastic meals!

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for today? Have you ever had a bad seat situation on a plane? (One time I sat next to a guy who wanted me to sit in his lap to get out of the row to go the bathroom. He kept refusing to stand up. UGH. )