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This week was different schedule wise as I had two days of long travel (left at 2:50 am on Thursday and arrived home at 12:30 am on Friday). I assumed I had no time to work out while there, but I ended up getting a long walk in around Boston on Thursday, so that was nice. Unfortunately, I got nasty blisters on both of my little toes (like, the entire length of the toes and completely covering the tops of the toes too). They are PAINFUL, so I decided to push my long run from Saturday to Sunday to try to get another day in for them to heal. Because of that, there’s no running on my schedule this week. Here’s what the week did look like:

  • Sunday: 1 hour pilates
  • Monday: Best Body Bootcamp Workout A
  • Tuesday: 8.5 mile bike
  • Wednesday: Best Body Bootcamp Workout C
  • Thursday: 6.5 mile walk around Boston
  • Friday: REST, travel day
  • Saturday: 8.7 mile bike

Now it’s 7:40 am and I need to get out there and actually run. Both of my toes just hurt while sitting here, so we’ll see how many miles I make it!

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s your favorite way to deal with blisters? What’s been the highlight of your weekend? (For me it was being in Boston!)