Thursdays are my Friday in that they are the last day I go into the office for the week. I do a lot of work from home on Fridays, but, realistically, Thursdays feel like Friday to me, so they are extra happy days! I continue to hunt for provisions in my life, and it’s like a fun little game each day. Here are some of the provisions from this week:

My baby brother! It’s his 22nd birthday today, and I truly can’t believe that he’s so old! I remember so much about the day he was born. I remember getting into the elevator on the way to hold him for the first time, and I remember when they placed him into my arms. I was immediately the protective older sister, and remain so to this day! I’m so thankful for him!

The Color Me Rad 5k RunI ran this race this past Saturday and I had a really wonderful time! The fun and laughter it brought into my life would’ve been provision enough, but I had the opportunity to get a free bib through their race ambassador program, and this was an extra huge blessing for me!

A supportive work environment. I know I’ve said before that I really love my job, but something I really value is the support I feel! One of the biggest protectors against counselor burnout is having great supervision and supportive colleagues. I have both things and I try to remember daily how much of a blessing this is!

Baby pumpkins and gourds! Summer might be my favorite season, but I sure love all things fall as well. I had no intention of decorating for fall for another week or two, but as soon as my eyes passed over those tiny, cute little pumpkins and gourds, I couldn’t help myself. I stocked up on enough for my house and my office, and I smile every time I look at those little guys! It’s the little things, right?

Caffeine! Now that I have to be up by 5 am a few days a week, I’m definitely drinking a bit more caffeine. (To avoid becoming addicted I’m making sure that I still avoid caffeine completely 2-3 days a week! That’s the addictions counselor in me 😀 ) Isn’t it a fantastic little substance? I don’t drink too much, but it definitely does help give me a little boost of energy at the start of my day.

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for right now? Have you decorated for fall yet?