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Well, this week it was TOUGH to get workouts in each day. I’m now met with a change in my previous workout cycles because I‘m now teaching a pilates class (!!!) two mornings a week (one of these days was always when I biked in the mornings!). Not only do I lose two mornings that I might normally work out, but I have to wake up 2 hours earlier on those days, leading me to a bit more sleep deprivation, as well as earlier bed times, leading to less time to get house chores done at night. I’m feeling a bit of the crunch in time, but I know once I get into a routine it’ll be fine. I’ve also been working 12ish hours a day instead of my typical 8 a few days a week due to some minor emergency situations that we have to deal with. These two things combined have certainly made for a less than ideal week, and no longer bike rides 😦 Like I said, I have confidence I’ll fall into a good rhythm. Here’s how the week looked:

  • Sunday: 6.3 mile run
  • Monday: 30 minutes Pilates
  • Tuesday: Teaching Pilates- 1 hour (being a class of beginners, I demonstrated every exercise)
  • Wednesday: REST
  • Thursday: Teaching Pilates- 1 hour, Best Body Bootcamp Workout B
  • Friday: 1 hour Pilates Barre Workout, Best Body Bootcamp Workout C
  • Saturday: Color Me Run 5k! (post coming soon!)

Teaching Pilates for an hour obviously doesn’t mean that I’ve worked out for an hour, but I demo each exercise, I did the plank section with them for the most part, and do the warm up and cool down with them. It’s not too much, but I do get to warm up and move a bit to start my morning!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you like having a set workout schedule, or are you good with being spontaneous?