After only having a bike to ride during the summers for the last two summers, I now have a bike in the actual state in which I live! I couldn’t be more excited to have a bike that I can hop on whenever I want!

photoIsn’t Old Blue pretty? ūüôā You might remember him from this bike ride (where I set my current PDR for biking!), and I was able to bring him back home with me. I really love the fact that he came with two water bottle holders on him. I bring gatorade on longer rides (or rides that are hotter) due to my POTS, so it’s nice to be able to bring both that and water.

A you might remember, I went over a decade without being on a bike. I got back on my bike because I won an entry into a triathlon, but I still knew almost nothing about biking. Now, admittedly, I still know very little about biking, but I know much more than I did even in June of this year. So now I’m doing all sorts of things that I didn’t think I would ever do. I’ve learned how to take on and off my front tire, how to get it into my trunk, how to check that the brakes are appropriately tight/aligned with the wheel, and I’ve been out on the trail on my own. Now these things aren’t big things at all, but for someone who, when this blog was started, never ever ever wanted to get on a bike again, these things are huge. Not only am I OK getting on a bike, but I am willing to drive an hour round trip to a trail and go through the trouble of putting tires on and off, packing fuel, etc…

There are plenty of things every year that we feel proud of ourselves for, and I guess this is one of them for me. While I’m not doing anything special at all, for me this constitutes a huge mental hurdle that I’ve jumped over; a huge fear conquered. To me, that’s huge. I want to never stop pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and to me, this is an example of that.

*Also, in memory of September 11th, you can read my post here. Also this post about The Survivor Tree at Ground Zero is a great reminder.

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you ever conquered a fear before? (is so- share!) What’s something you would like to do but are nervous about trying? Where were you September 11, 2001?