So, today I taught my first pilates class! You might remember that bak in July I got certified in Pilates Barre, but didn’t have a place in which to work. A few weeks ago I emailed a place on a whim, and after a few meetings, I had the job! I’m teaching two mornings a week, and the place is close to my job so it makes for very convenient mornings!

This morning I headed out to the studio, planning to get there 20 minutes before class started to familiarize myself with the room. Well, when I got there there were already about 6 people sitting in the room waiting for me. I thought “boy- these people are really eager to move this morning!” but then worried I’d made some mistake. I went out to check the signs, and the class started 15 minutes earlier then the studio had communicated to me! (I was told that class started at 6:15, but what they communicated to the students was 6!). Luckily I was ready to go and didn’t need to do much prep work at all, but it certainly threw me, especially since it was my first class! I guess my “Type A”-ness came in handy today! Time to roll with it and be flexible!

The first 20 minutes I gave a basic history of pilates, introduced myself quickly, and walked through the proper connections that participants should use throughout the exercises (along with the cues I’d be giving). After that we spent 40 minutes actually doing pilates! It was great fun watching people who had done pilates before finally get an appropriate connection they hadn’t done before, as well as to get the new people starting to move.

I’m planning to have some of my classes be straight mat work and some to be barre work, but no matter what I’ll be holding them accountable for all the appropriate connections that are needed to make pilates the best workout that it can be!

photoAfter my first class!

The class flew by and before I knew it I was leading them through the cool down stretches. I think the class went pretty well, at least I felt good about it! I’m sure the more I do it the more comfortable I will be, and the better I will be at explaining things. I love pilates so much (I wrote all about it here– weeks before I had even thought of doing any training or certification in it!), and I hope I can pass my love of it onto others as well.

So today, I did something that a few months ago I hadn’t even considered, and now I can officially say that I’m a pilates instructor!

Now it’s your turn to share! I’d like to know what makes a class “good” in your mind? What sort of music do you like while doing pilates?