I have a confession to make: I’ve been running naked all summer and I’ve really enjoy it! It’s been freeing, and it’s nice to run without the extra weight to weigh me down.

Ok, you dirty people- minds out of the gutter!! This summer I’ve done every run without my Garmin and I’ve really enjoyed it. In fact, the last time I strapped my Garmin around my wrist was my half marathon at the beginning of May! I even trained for and completed my second sprint triathlon without my Garmin. With my diagnosis of posterior tibial tendinitis, it’s been nice to relax and not be driven by numbers as I run.

The fact of the matter is that I run because it’s fun. Even though I want to improve and want to be faster, if I’m not enjoying it then I won’t do it anymore. I know that burnout can happen easily, so I decided to take the summer off from looking at my watch as I run and just enjoy my runs for what they are. I did lose a bit of speed this summer, but I usually do due to having to slow my pace down because of POTS. I’ve had my runkeeper going just so I could count up my total miles, but that’s it.

But now training has officially started for my fourth half marathon, and with that comes putting my Garmin on for runs once again. A week ago I completed a 4.8 mile run with my Garmin, and noticed that I did run at a faster pace while wearing it, which is nice after a summer of slow miles 🙂

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you ever “run naked”? What is it that keeps you so connected to your Garmin?