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That’s right! I’m so excited to training and a more set workout schedule! As of this week I officially started training for my 4th half marathon: The Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon! I ran the race last year, and it’s still my favorite race I’ve run (and the course holds my current PR!). I’m so excited to to hit this course again, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to set another PR on this course!

However, I don’t enter training feeling as healthy as I could. I was diagnosed with posterior tibial tendinitis about a month ago, and I have a feeling that it will be nagging to me throughout the entire training cycle. I also know my lovely IT bands will be a constant struggle as they have been for the last 20 months. I planned this training cycle with my sports medicine doctor, and I hope that it’ll work out. He’s confident I can keep running as long as I keep my mileage really really low and do lots of cross training each week. I plan on doing that, along with compressing my ankle most nights and ice massaging a few times a day.

I ran 4.8 miles earlier this week with no pain, so that’s a good sign, but this half marathon is a lot more miles than 4.8! I also really don’t want to have a painful race like the Indy Mini was back in May. So, that’s where I’m at as I move forward to start another training cycle. I’m hoping that my various body parts will cooperate appropriately as I go through a very very conservative training plan!