It’s Thursday today which means that it’s time to start getting thankful! Earlier this week I wrote an entire post on hunting for provisions and blessings in life, and I really do believe that it can make a big difference in our mental health! Here are some of the little and big provisions from my week:

Happy happy news! I can’t share right now on the blog, but I so wish I could. After months and months of waiting on information on a grant proposal, I got some very good news. It’ll be an exciting 3 years… 🙂

Warmth and sunshine. Is anyone else out there experiencing a crazy heat wave right now? I’m loving all the sunshine, and had the opportunity to be out in it a lot at the beginning of the week. I also am going to be outside a lot of Labor day weekend! I’m hoping this means we’ll have a nice fall…

Air conditioning! With 90 degree weather and intense sun glaring into my windows, I am acutely aware of how much of a blessing it is to have all the air conditioning I could ever want (I keep it at a reasonable 78 degrees though!). I’m so thankful I can just flip a switch and get cool air.

Getting back to work! I’m so happy that my contract was renewed for another year and a few days ago I started my 5th year at my current job. I really do love my job, and I feel very grateful for the clients and opportunities that I get.

Thank yous: What an awesome little provision this has been this current week. I’ve received many thank yous for various things, and those two words are so incredibly meaningful. I think we’d also do a lot of good if we said thank you to others more often.

A pain free run! Despite struggling with tendinitis, I’ve been icing, compressing, and decreasing mileage, and I am hopeful that it is helpful. On monday I had an awesome 4.8 mile run that was almost completely pain free. It was fantastic!

Big and little provisions are everywhere- we just have to look for them!

What little provisions are in your life right now? Who could you say thank you to this week?