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Today I start back to work after a little more than 100 days of “summer break”. While I did many hours of work, did research, wrote, and lectured throughout the summer, I hard large amounts of free time to fill. Most of the summer was a surprise to me. When I walked out of my office on the last day of work in may, I had no idea how difficult and painful so much of the summer would be. I also had no idea of certain fun aspects and surprises as well. I love summer and I’m sad to see it go, but I’m hoping this burst of 90 degree weather (where was that weather when it was only 70 and I wanted to go to the pool?!) means a nice, long, and warmer fall! Summer was difficult, but I found ways to cope and stay healthy. Summer was lots of fun, too though. Here were some of the highlights and surprises:

Despite the difficulties I’ll miss the summer. I love getting to ease into the day a little more slowly, have a more relaxed schedule, get to do way more outdoor activities, eat meals outside, etc…

But now it’s time to start back into a routine, and with that comes more planning for meals, workouts, etc… I’m excited to get back into more structure but I’m sure going to miss all the sunshine (especially since my office is in a basement and has no windows!). I guess it’s a good thing I have a job that I really do love!

What was something exciting or surprising that happened this summer?