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I’m a big believer in our thoughts influencing our feelings and emotions. That’s why I tend to counsel using the ideas of cognitive behavioral therapy. Because I truly believe that our mindset and where are thoughts are really do influence our life, I diligently try to watch my own mindset to make sure I’m staying healthy. I’ve mentioned a few times that this summer has been a bit difficult, and back at the beginning of June I noticed that I had a pretty negative mindset. Now mind you, I wasn’t being irrational- things really were pretty bad at times. However, even if I was justified in thinking the way that I was, it certainly wasn’t beneficial or healthy for me.

I was talking about this one evening with a friend who is going through a particularly rough patch with her family. We both recognized that our mindsets were dragging us down, and something needed to change. So we decided to start hunting for the provisions and blessings that God has given to us even throughout these difficult and painful moments in our life. So the hunt began.

After a really tough month of seeing mostly negative in my life, I suddenly felt like the world had exploded with these provisions and blessings that I’ve been given. They aren’t always big things at all, but they’re things that are tiny moments of joy, love, support, or benefit in life. These are things that, with a negative mindset, we can easily dismiss, but when we’re hunting for the good, we can easily recognize.

Does it fix all the negative going on in life? OF COURSE NOT. This isn’t a fix-all, but it does certainly allow us to have a more balanced mindset. We don’t benefit from ignoring the positives even when we’re in pain or in the midst of difficulties.

So here’s my challenge to you. Hunt for the provisions and blessings in your life. Hunt for the little things in life that bring happiness, joy, remind you of life, etc… Hunt for the good and choose to keep that in balance with the negative in life.

These next months, I’m going to continue to hunt for the provisions. Will you join me in hunting for the little blessings in life?