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This post has both absolutely nothing and everything to do with health and wellness.

I mentioned in a previous post that this summer was fairly challenging with a few things, but these were all things that I had no direct control over in my life. Because of this, I knew that I needed to be extra proactive about engaging in healthy behaviors so that my mental and physical health stayed high. One of the things I decided to do back in May was to choose a book series I read when I was little to enjoy once again. I figured that reading for fun along with having something that brought back lots of fun memories would be the perfect thing. Yes- I read other books as well, but I wanted something that would be fun and peaceful to escape into from time to time, and the Little House On The Prairie series fit perfectly!

Little House On the Prairie

I read these books over and over while growing up, but it had been at least 15 years since I had last opened a book from this series. For those of you who haven’t read the books, this series follows the Ingalls family through their adventures traveling around the midwest in their covered wagon. In each new location, the Ingalls family had to connect with new neighbors, build a new cabin or house, figure out how to get goods from town, and deal with prairie fires, pests consuming the food they planted, snow storms, and illness in the 1800’s. While these books are certainly written for younger children, they’re definitely interesting to read as it gives a glimpse into life back in the pioneer days.

The stories are interesting and mostly light-hearted, and they provide a great little escape from real life. If you haven’t ever read this series, run to your library and check them out ASAP 🙂 Regardless, I think that reading for fun (as well as educational purposes), is very helpful in striving after living a healthy and balanced life. In the busyness and stress of the day it’s something that is easy to look over, but can be a great benefit. And so, regardless of which book you choose to pick up, consider adding reading for fun to your regular health regimen. It’s good for the mind and the heart!

Now it’s your turn to share! Did you ever read the Little House on the Prairie series? What are you favorite “for fun” books to read?