Today my heart feels a little heavy about some things going on in life; things I have no control over, and things I just need to sit and wait to see where it all falls. It’s frustrating to have things like that, isn’t it? In light of that, today’s post is going to be a bit more lighthearted. Here are a few facts.

1. I am happy that even in the midst of the tougher things in life, we still have the opportunity to be thankful for things. Right now, I’m specifically thankful for a few things: the deep support and love from various family and friends, my cat (always there to love and put a smile on my face!), time to be out working in the yard, sunshine, a faith and a God to lean on, stupid reality TV that allows me to forget about life for a bit, and technology so I still have the opportunity to talk to my brother who is playing soccer in Europe right now.

2. This weekend I’m visiting one of my good friends. We worked at a camp together in 2005, and I’ve seen her three times since then for a total of less than 70 hours. This time I’m spending the weekend with her and I’m so excited! I’ve spent about the least amount of time with her of any of my friends, but she’s one of my very great friends. We have so many life experiences in common.

3. Fact. I have the best cat in the world. He’s more like a dog mixed with a baby. He’s awesome and gives me hugs and follows me all over the place and loves me more than I thought an animal ever could. He’s one of my best buddies 🙂

4. This summer has been both much worse than I thought it would be and better in some ways than I thought it would be. Lots of surprises and curve balls, but that’s what keeps life interesting…. right?

5. This summer I REALLY really fell in love with biking. I found a trail that I really love, but I wish I lived closer to it so I could regularly bike there!

6. I’ve read more this summer than any summer since before 2000. Impressive, right?

7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer and wish I could go back to the end of May and do it all again.

Now it’s your turn to share! Tell me a fact about your life right now? Have you found a “new love” in something that you enjoy doing over the last few months?