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Well. I’m another year older as my birthday was yesterday, the 6th. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of seeing my age slowly tick higher and higher. But then, as I was running today, I was thinking that on my birthday 3 years ago, I couldn’t even run half a mile. So, while I am three years older than at that time, my body is so much stronger and healthier than then… so that sort of makes me younger, right? 🙂

My day was pretty great. My mom had to teach a Pilates class first thing in the morning, so I went to her class to spend a little time with her. After that I went on my annual Birthday run. I did a 5K run,and counted that as my Birthday Bash virtual race. It was pretty humid outside, so my pace was a little slower than usual, but for my birthday runs I never like to go fast anyways. I like to take time to think about the last year of my life, and appreciate what my body has done for me over the last twelve months. The run was fun.

After running I went out for a delicious Greek lunch, and they sang to me and I got a free Greek dessert! I laid outside for about an hour and read, and then did a few errands and chores around the house. Then I went on a bike ride with my family, followed by dinner and cupcakes (the same I had last year!) with my family and my sweet neighbor who has been, in many ways, like a grandparent to me (and has known me since I was 2). The day has been filled with texts, facebook messages, tweets, and phone calls from friends and family members, and it’s been fun to connect to so many people in my life today! That’s one nice thing about birthdays- you get the chance to hear from and connect with people that you might not have for a few months.

Now I’m sneaking in a few minutes of Shark Week before I head to bed. I’m thankful to have been given another year of life, and am excited to see where this year goes!

Do you do an annual birthday run? Is there an activity that you really love to do on your birthday? (I’ve always been happy that my birthday is in the summer so I can spend the day outdoors!)