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So. I have some pretty exciting news…

I think i’ve mentioned a few times on the blog that I used to be a dancer. Dancing meant at least an hour or hour and a half every single week was spent at the barre doing all sorts of exercises. I didn’t love it so much at the time, but once I stopped dancing I really loved it! I also really love cardio and I love doing pilates. When I realized that there was a fitness class that encompassed all three of these loves, I knew I needed to jump on that train as fast as I could!

The weekend of July 19th I headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota to complete my Pilates Barre Instructor Training! Those three days were intense, and some of my favorite days of this summer! Each day we started our training off with an intense hour long barre class that left me shaking and dripping with sweat. The rest of the day was spent going through a very big binder of exercises, discussing proper form, cueing, and modifications in case of injury. We practiced each exercise multiple times, so it felt like hours and hours of exercise each day. I left each night with a head full of knowledge and a body full of aches. Every morning I woke up in even more pain, but excited for another day of training!

Like I said, these were 3 of my favorite days of the summer. I love getting to mix 3 forms of exercise that I really enjoy into a class that is fun and a great workout! Not only do I feel that becoming an instructor has dramatically improved my own practice, but also I’m excited to be able to pass this love onto others as well! I’m also excited to put this form of exercise into my next half marathon training cycle!

Since this all happened so quickly, I haven’t even looked for a place to teach yet, although I plan to do that soon. Right now, I am enjoying creating some class plans and continuing to practice myself!

Now it’s your turn to share! If you could get one certification (in ANY area of life), what would it be? Have you ever done a barre class (or, specifically, a pilates barre class)?