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Happy Friday! This week seems to have zipped by so quickly! I want July to SLOW IT DOWN because I really love summer. I thought I’d post a few random Friday facts today:

1. I step back a bit from my blog in the summer, and I really like that. I think it helps me avoid burnout, and it gives me the chance to take a little breather. I miss it a little, but I also love all the extra free time to be outside. 

2. I LOVE to be outside. I’d be outside most of every single day if I could be! 

3. I’ve decided that I really do enjoy weeding. Weird, right? I’m pretty sure I know no one who loves to weed as much as I do. It meets my need for creating order and getting stuff done, and I love the time outside (see above) to listen to podcasts! Seeing huge areas cleaned from weeds brings happiness to my heart. It’s the little things… 

4. I ran 4 miles this morning and it was the longest distance I’ve gone since my half marathon in May. I felt great while running and it was good to hit a distance longer than a 5k! 

5. I finally bit the bullet and am heading to sports medicine on Monday. More on that to come. 

6. I’ve fallen in love with pilates barre classes this summer. I have some exciting news coming up next week on that! 

7. My dad recently asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I said “my youth”. Sadly, I’m thinking he will not be able to give that back to me. 

8. If I had to repeat any year of grade school K-12, I would probably choose to repeat 10th grade. I cemented a great group of friends that year, I hadn’t been diagnosed with POTS yet, and had a blast spending all fall rehearsing for our school’s musical. We had someone come out from Broadway to choreograph and I danced hours and hours every week. That being said, I definitely don’t miss high school much at all. 

9. I have a cousin who is 5 months younger than me, and we text almost every day. We were always great friends growing up, and regularly wrote letters and called one another throughout the years. She’s training for her 3rd triathlon right now, so it’s fun to talk training with her now as well! 

10. I both attended camp and worked at camp every summer from age 8- my sophomore year of college. The last few years I spent about 6 weeks every summer up there, and even today I still miss camp almost every day in the summer. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and even when I have a blast in the summers, something still feels a little empty without some good campfires and canoeing on the lake. 

Now it’s your turn to share! Tell me a fun fact about you? Have you started to enjoy a new type of exercise this summer? What is one of your favorite memories of summer while growing up?