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I just got back from a vacation to one of my favorite places on earth- Marco Island, Florida! My family has been going to this island for a few generations, so it’s really become a family tradition. My time there, as always, was really enjoyable and relaxing, and I thought I’d share a piece of it here!

Marco Collage 1Clockwise from Top Left: 1: Sunset the first night! I never get tired of them! 2: Dolphins! I went out boating with my relatives and there were 7 dolphins swimming around and under the boat. So cool!  3: Out at the pool! 4: Kayaking

Marco Collage 2

1: Amazing Honey Chicken Salad from a restaurant called Mangos! YUMMY! 2: Out of control humidity and heat meant constant sweating and absolutely no beach runs this trip 😦  3: I wish I could build a tiki hut in my house! 4: Sunset!

Marco Collage 3

1: Smallpox has always been an interesting subject for me, so as soon as I spotted a book on the eradication efforts in India, I snatched it up and read it by the pool! 2: Fourth of July Fireworks. I talked more about the 4th here. 3: More sunset! 4: A sand castle snowman in a bikini! Cute.

Marco Collage 4

1: A bald eagle/American flag sand creation. 2: Early morning walk on the beach. 3: sunset! 4: A lightning storm in the clouds! So cool looking!

Marco Collage 5

1: HUGE snails come out after the sunset. 2: These sunsets were unreal. Oh yeah- no filters on any of these pictures by the way! 3: sunset 4: View of the marina at the Esplanade where Mangoes Restaurant is

I mentioned that I had extended and immediate family down there, and it was so fantastic to see all of them! I mentioned that I didn’t end up running on the beach at all while there. I’m so sad because I really love to run down there, but it was just too hot and humid and it would’ve been especially unsafe due to POTS. In order to still get some exercise, I walked every day on the beach (the views make the walks AMAZING!), and tried a new-to-me exercise: pool running! This was the perfect way to still “run” and get cardio while making sure that I didn’t overheat at all. Win-win!

Other than that, most of my days included a 4 mile walk on the beach, sitting out and reading at the pool, and swimming out at the ocean. However, the last few days the beach was inundated with baby jellyfish and multiple people were getting stung, so I didn’t go in the ocean at all those days! The days are leisurely there, and I love them!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you have a favorite vacation place you’ve gone to multiple times? What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?