Brrr…. it’s really chilly here today, and it does NOT feel like a three day weekend that kicks off summer. Last night I was at a picnic and was huddled next to the fire the entire time (it was still fun, but definitely about 30 degrees colder than last year!). But you know what? Memorial day is not really about picnics anyways, right?

Starting out as Decoration Day, people spent the day remembering the veterans of the Civil War, and a day to decorate the graves of those fallen soldiers. Today, while we tend to celebrate a three day weekend with picnics, BBQs, and time at the lake, it is ultimately a day to remember those who have scarified throughout the years for our freedom. Please don’t take that sacrifice lightly.

Flags In Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary on May 24, 2012source



Thank you to all of those who have chosen to serve in our military, and thank you to the family members of those who serve as well. For ways to support our veterans, active military members, and their families, click here.