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Happy Thursday and happy day of being thankful! Here’s a few things I’m feeling thankful for right now:

I’m thankful that the Air Force gave my brother a few days off! He’s in a training program right now, and they finished one part a bit ahead of schedule so he’s able to come home for a few days. It’s so fun to have him here!! Having a brother who lives across the country from me isn’t so fun, but we communicate really frequently and are still close. I’m so happy for this surprise of a few days!

I’m thankful for a summer vacation. One of my jobs is nine months of the year, and this is my first week of “summer vacation” from that. I still have lots of work to do for my second job, but it’s a lot more flexible so I can travel and see friends and family a bit. Plus I have more free time to be outside and enjoy the nice weather! I’m thankful that I’m an adult who still gets the summer “off” 🙂

I’m thankful for laughter. Stop for a minute and imagine a life where you never get to laugh or be around someone who is laughing again. It’s sad, right? This is another simple pleasure in life that I don’t think about very often. I’m really thankful that humans have the ability to laugh and feel the joy that comes along with a funny story or memory.

I’m thankful for long days of sunshine. It’s light until after 9 pm now, and every night I get excited when I see the light outside. Part of my living in the moment goal means that I pause as I go about my evening to appreciate the light and the beautiful sunsets. Also- there’s something really beautiful about the sunlight that occurs right before sunset in the summer. It’s golden and absolutely beautiful.

I’m thankful that I have curly hair. I know people say that we always want what we don’t have, but it’s not true in this case. In 2005 I had a friend who had cancer and lost his hair, and in that moment I decided to never wish I had different hair again. Yes, I can’t get my hair to be shiny and smooth, and sometimes that would be nice. But overall I like that my hair is curly and bouncy and different.

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for today? Is there a feature of your body that you really like?