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I still haven’t run due to my ankle, but I have plans to try it out really soon and see how it feels. Because of that, heavy cardio has been difficult this week, but I’ve done what I can to try to balance everything out. This coming week starts my summer work schedule, so my exercise schedule changes a bit too. Here’s what this last week of workouts looked like:

  • Sunday: 1 hour pilates
  • Monday: 2.25 mile walk, Best Body Bootcamp Workout A
  • Tuesday: 4.4 mile walk
  • Wednesday: 2 mile walk
  • Thursday: Best Body Bootcamp Workout C
  • Friday: 2.48 mile walk
  • Saturday: 12.41 mile bike

My bike yesterday was the first time I took my bike out on the road since before Thanksgiving, so it felt really great to actually be on the road and not on the stationary bike in the gym.

Now it’s your turn to share! Does your summer work schedule change at all?