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Happy Thursday! Are you all ready to get thankful today? I sure am, so let’s get started:

I’m thankful I randomly decided to watch The Proposal this past weekend. I got this movie back in 2009 when it came out on DVD, and have watched it many times since then. Yes, it’s not a fantastic work of art, but I think it’s hilarious! I hadn’t seen it in a year, and this past weekend I randomly pulled it off the shelf and decided to watch it. I kept laughing through the entire movie. Sometimes you just need to sit and laugh for a few hours, and this movie did the trick!

I’m thankful for Starbucks half price frappuccino happy hour. It’s such a fun time, isn’t it? I tend to not buy the “fancy drinks” when I go to starbucks because it’s just so expensive. Having to pay for soy milk because of lactose intolerance makes it even more pricy. So when they have great deals like this going on, I definitely take advantage of it! After work last Friday I waited in the drive through line for 15 minutes for my mocha cookie crumble frap (and it was worth the wait)! Also- random, I know, but doesn’t the word “frappuccino” look weird? I even googled it because it looked like it was spelled incorrectly.

I’m thankful for pilates. This kept me flexible throughout my last training cycle, as well as helped me recover after my half marathon. I’m looking forward to a summer of extra pilates classes, and I’m excited to take my practice to the next level.

I’m thankful for four great years at my current job. Today I finished my fourth year at my current job, and I love it even more now than I did four years ago. I guess that’s a sign that I just fit with that job. I’m thankful that this job also allows some time off in the summer!

I’m thankful for glasses. Again, this is something that I use every day and almost never think about as being something that I might be thankful for. However, as I pause to type this, I recognize what a huge blessing having glasses actually is. I know that for hundreds and hundreds of years people didn’t have them, and even today there are plenty of people who need glasses who have no way to actually get them. I’m so thankful that every morning I can, without thinking, put my glasses on and go about my day.

I’m thankful that I get to participate in another triathlonI’m excited to get back in the pool and on the bike as I begin to train soon!

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for today? Is there something you use regularly that, when you stop and think about it, really makes your quality of life much better?