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Last June I announced that I would be training for my first triathlon. At that point I hadn’t been on a road bike in a decade, so I was a little nervous how training would go. I ended up really loving the training that I did, and had a great time in my first sprint triathlon!

Well- I’m very happy to say that I’m about to start training for my second triathlon that will be taking place in June! I actually registered for this one back at the beginning of February, and I’ve been waiting until after my half marathon to start training! This will also be a sprint distance. I really wanted to do an olympic this summer, but knew I couldn’t train up for it in a month (which is about what I’m going to have to do for this triathlon). I decided to do the sprint and have fun with it (and maybe beat my time from last August!).

I’m excited to get back to biking on the road (I haven’t been on anything but a stationary bike since right before Thanksgiving!) and swimming (I’ve only done laps once in 2013!). Summer provides a very different set of workouts, and I’m excited for brick workouts and two a days in preparation for the tri!

Now it’s your turn to share! How do your workouts change in the summer? Have you ever done or wanted to do a triathlon?