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Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! I hope you each have a great time celebrating with your families! I really am so thankful for the mom that I have, and am excited for everything that we have planned for the summer! I’m also particularly thankful she’s willing to listen to all my processing about training and who is also willing to wake up at 4 am to stand on a racecourse to watch me quickly run by. Her support in every area of my life is really important to me and I appreciate her more then I could ever put into words. 

It’s been a week since my half marathon, and I miss training for it already. I also miss the anticipation that occurs in the weeks right before a race. This week has been all about recovering. While my legs really recovered faster than after my other two halfs, my left ankle is really hurting, and that has slowed down my return to running. Because I’m diving into training again very shortly (more on that in a few days!), this week has been all about resting and taking care of my body. I’ve been recovering in lots of ways, including lots of foam rolling, pilates, and slow walking to keep the blood flowing. Here’s what my recovery week looked like:

  • Sunday: 1 hour pilates (1st day post race)
  • Monday: 1.28 mile walk (verrrryyyy slow pace- my ankle was aching)
  • Tuesday: Best Body Bootcamp Workout A- upper body strength training
  • Wednesday: 2.5 mile walk
  • Thursday: REST
  • Friday: 30 minutes pilates
  • Saturday: Best Body Bootcamp Workout C (minus lunges), 1.5 mile walk

I avoided doing any strength training with my legs since I’m trying to rest them and not further harm my ankle, but it did feel good to start working out my core and arms once again. I continue to process my race on a daily basis, and have recognized a lot of lessons that I’ve learned as a result of the race I had. I’ll be writing more on this soon as well.

Now it’s your turn to share! When you’re giving your body a break, what sorts of activities do you do to keep moving? When lifting, do you prefer upper or lower body workouts?