Happy “mental health monday” on a Tuesday! Because I posted my half marathon race recap yesterday, I bumped my mental health monday post to today. I hope you enjoy!

A few weeks ago I talked about the link between our thoughts, our feelings, and our behaviors. One thing that I love to do with clients when they are struggling with anxiety, depression, doubt, perfectionism, or negative thinking (among other things!), is to teach them the process of filling out an REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) Self Help Form. The idea behind REBT is that we aren’t as much disturbed by events as how we process these events.

An REBT self help form helps you identify a situation (the thought) and identify the associated feelings and behaviors that come with that. Then it walks you through how to identify the irrational thoughts, how to dispute these thoughts, how to write a new rational thought, and then identify the more positive emotions and behaviors that go along with that thought process. The point of this form is not to make things a fake positive for you, but to reduce the amount of disturbance that you create in an already less than ideal situation. These forms are easy to use and quick to fill out, and can make a big difference in our mental health! It can be used for almost any area of life causes stress, anxiety, or “mood disturbance”. I’ve even used it to help me process some tough workouts!

Here’s a link to an REBT form that can be printed off

Here’s a link to an REBT form that can be filled out online

Whether you print the form off or just type in the boxes online, this quick little worksheet is an excellent way to process your own thoughts and challenge the irrational thoughts that can lead to bigger problems in our life!