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Well, I’m two weeks out from the race, and I can’t believe that we’re already so incredibly close to race day! I’m getting really excited, and keep playing the race course in my head! This was an interesting week, and I have to admit that this week my training for the race last year was much much better. But, I did what I could, and sometimes that’s all we can do. Here’s what the week looked like:

  • Sunday: 1 hour pilates
  • Monday: Workout A Best Body Bootcamp
  • Tuesday: Workout B Best Body Bootcamp (this had me sore for 3 days! It was TOUGH but really great!)
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 1.0 mile walk in the airport- travel day (and with 6 extra hours of travel due to delays and weather, I lost my workout time. I never imagined I’d ever land on a runway in a blizzard in April!)
  • Friday: Rest – travel day and presentations
  • Saturday: 2.1 mile run, 2.88 mile walk, 1 hour pilates

I had pretty much three days of rest, but tried to make up a bit for it on Saturday. I’m really enjoying bootcamp, and feel stronger because of that. I am hoping that the extra weight lifting and pilates will help on race day. We’ll see though!

Now it’s your turn to share: Did you get snow or lots of rain this week where you live? What’s the weirdest thing about this month that you’ve experienced so far?