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A few weeks ago I did a generic post about how and why I ended up doing meal preparation on Sundays, and shared some common meals that I make. I wanted to give you a further look into what that actually looks like:

Meal Prep 1 CollageFresh salad (prepped for the week, but wait to put on salad dressing until the day of!), roasted broccoli (reheats great!), spicy greek chicken (great for putting in salads), hard boiled eggs (great for salads, snacks, or easy egg salad sandwich!)

Meal Prep 2 Collage

Squash Ravioli, Quiche, French toast (reheats great, put on whatever toppings you want), and root beer float cupcakes (for evening snacks!)

Meal Prep 3 Collage

Fresh Strawberries. Half have the top cut off, while others have been cut into small slices for oatmeal- all ready to take to work. Sandwiches pre-made for the first three days of the week (just don’t put any mayo or BBQ sauce on until the morning of or they’ll get soggy). Amish chicken noodle soup (with veggies)- perfect for dinners!

So, that’s an example of two different Sundays of meal prep!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do you have any tricks to make meals throughout the week easier for yourself?