I think this post might only make sense if you’ve been reading for awhile and had a little background information. To make it easy, here are the critical posts:

To summarize, I was always a very active person. I played outside all year round, ice skated for 4 years, danced for 12 years, and played soccer and basketball. My entire family was and still is active. But then POTS hit in late January or early February of 2004. I started passing out and getting very dizzy upon standing (you can read why that happens here), and the constant nausea and migraines didn’t help. Needless to say, my work outs all but completely stopped. There was very little activity. I was worn out, exhausted, and there were days I could hardly do what I needed to. Gone were the days of me being active; the couch is where I found myself most of the time.

Especially those first months when I hadn’t found the diet and medications I needed to function well, exercising was impossible, and any activity was difficult. When you’re resting heart rate is already 120+, even walking up the stairs is a solid work out!

For years I “worked out” by going slowly on the elliptical or going on slow walks with friends. POTS won out for many years… that is, until 2010…

Coming next- how to exercise with POTS-

Now it’s your turn to share! Has something knocked you out such that you couldn’t be active even when you wanted to be? Is there anything specific you’d like to know about POTS?