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A 10k! This is my first race recap for a 10k, so that’s somewhat exciting! Of course it was a virtual race, so this really felt like a normal long run (I tacked on another 1.3 miles onto the end for a 7.5 mile run). However, it was really great to be out running with so many other people who were also in St. Patrick’s Day gear, so there was definitely a race day feel in the air! This race was put on by Jill at Fitness, Health, and Happiness as part of the 13 in 2013 Virtual Race Challenge, and you still have a few days to run if you’d like to participate!

I headed out at about 8:40 and the air was thick with fog- I could see about .15 of a mile in front of me but that was it. It was also humid, so despite it only being 35 I only wore a thin long sleeve shirt and my running skirt. I just found a new loop to run that adds about 1.5 miles to the loop I already long, so I don’t have to keep running in circles for my long runs anymore!

There was a track meet going on, and I do part of my run around a track, so there was crowds of people. This also mimicked race day conditions as I had to weave around people who were strolling along. I ate 2 shot blocks at mile 4 (they’re a fun little motivator part way through), and popped into a building to grab a drink from a drinking fountain!

The air was definitely very thick and heavy to breathe, and this is the first run in a long time that I’ve dealt with such high humidity. This “race” was perfect for prepping for race day! Once I hit the 10k mark, I snapped this picture and kept running:


10k done! Because I’ve run the Indy Mini before, I’m able to visualize where I would be on the race course, and I do this on my long runs. I knew that the 10k mark was on the dreaded speedway, and that alone was enough to keep me pushing forward since it’s one of the least fun places to run!


I finished my run at 7.5 miles with only a slight twinge of pain on the outside of my right knee. My pace is definitely slower then it was in the fall, but since I’ve cut out speed work to try and not aggravate my IT bands that’s to be expected. I’m having fun and enjoying my runs, and that’s what matters.

I ended the run with a good stretching session followed by an ice bath. These ice baths are really not fun when I already come in from runs feeling a bit cold, but it definitely helps.

So, there’s my Saturday long run/ 10k St. Patrick’s Day race recap!

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you run a 10 k before? I wish there were more around because I love the distance! What is your ideal race distance?