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I think I’ve realized that I don’t really feel like I’m training because I’m not really doing anything that’s THAT much different than if I wasn’t training. I’m running once a week, and mostly doing other forms of activity. I miss being able to run a lot. However, I have definitely found other activities I really enjoy, and I’m truly enjoying exercise right now. I also looked back on the exercise I did this week last year while training for the same race, and I still think I’m doing much better than I did.

  • Sunday: 50 minutes pilates, 2:30 planks, push ups (I’m trying to work on them!), 2.39 mile walk
  • Monday: 2.69 mile walk
  • Tuesday: REST
  • Wednesday: 2.86 mile walk
  • Thursday: 7.66 mile bike, 2:30 planks
  • Friday: 1 hour weight lifting (arms and abs)
  • Saturday: 6.25 mile run, 2:30 planks

I walked a lot this week because we had a few days of snow and it was beautiful (but not too cold either). I wanted to enjoy it before winter was officially over! I feel like this week was very balanced, and I like that fact.

Also- happy “spring forward” day! The lost hour of sleep is definitely a bummer, but it’s light until after 8 pm now, so I’m really thrilled about that! It’s definitely worth the lost hour of sleep in my mind.

Now it’s your turn to share! What was one accomplishment you had this past week? Do you like the spring forward?