When I woke up this morning, I actually didn’t think this run would happen today. You see, yesterday I lifted with my brother for an hour, and we did some ab exercises I’ve never done before. I woke up at 6 am with really bad, aching pain in my abs; apparently they were not so happy with what I had done. I spent the next two hours dozing on and off with a heat bag on my abs. OUCH. I tried to get up and start moving around and stretching, and finally around 11 am I finally felt like I might be able to run ok.


I got a garmin for Christmas. I really like it, but when it does this for very long, I get a little annoyed. At least all the pink is cheery:)

As I’ve gone on runs since Christmas, I’ve realized that I really cannot tell my own pace well at all. I’ve realized that 10:15 and 12:30 feel almost the same to me. That must account for my somewhat erratic splits on my runs. On my long runs, I’m trying to hold myself back at the beginning of my run so that I have something at the end to give. I’m not able to read my body much right now, so that’s something that I am working on this training cycle.

I really struggle with knowing what to wear on runs. I know that by about 48-50 degrees I can go in shorts and a tank top and be great, but anything below that is a little fuzzy for me. When I left it was 30 degrees, sunny, with a “feels like” of 20 degrees. I ended up wearing running tights, a long sleeve nike shirt with thumb holes, thin gloves, and a headband for my ears. This was pretty much perfect, except I took my headband off after the first two miles because I was getting too warm.

The run itself was pretty good. We had a bad ice storm on thursday night, but yesterday it got warm enough that a lot melted. I had to run around frozen puddles, and mile 3 was a bit tricky with slush and ice, but overall it was fine. My abdominal pain didn’t bother me at all during the run (runner’s high? focused on other things?), but now it’s back to hurting again. And my knee and it band pain was almost non-existent, except a few twinges after 3.5 miles. I continue to do cross training, PT exercises, and stretch, and I hope it’s helping.

Mile splits were ok, not great:

  • Mile 1- 11:15
  • Mile 2- 11:56
  • Mile 3- 12:56 (someone stopped and asked me for directions and I didn’t pause my tracking)
  • Mile 4- 10:57 (Yes- I had someone left to kick at the end!)
  • Mile 5 (.2 mile)- 13:27 (walking cool down)

Today was the most excited I felt running since Thanksgiving Day, so that’s a great sign, since training didn’t start on a great foot.

Three cheers for a great run:)