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I’ve felt particularly thankful lately, which seems a little odd for February (usually not my favorite month). Here’s the thing. I think that the more I focus on thankfulness throughout my days the more things I find to be thankful for each day. I think I focus on the little things a little bit more in life. I wonder if any of you notice that too? Here’s what I’m thankful for right now:

I’m thankful for sunshine. In a strange break from the regular patterns of February, the last two weeks have been oddly sunny. Most days have been sunny for at least part of the day, and I’m so happy to see the sun! Once an hour at work I try to walk over to a window and look outside for a minute or two, and enjoy the moments instead of complaining about how cold it might be or the hours that are gray. I’m thankful to see the rays of sunshine dance into my living room, come into my car as I’m driving home, and hit me as I walk after work!

I’m thankful that the birds are back! From November to February I don’t see many birds, which I’m frequently a little sad about. My kitchen and living room back up to my back porch, and within the last week or two the birds have come back to the porch! I love to see them hoping around and hear them chirping as I go about my day!

I’m thankful for a really great speech last week! Last week I was out of my office for two days on a business trip. I got to give one of my favorite lectures, and I had maybe the best crowd I’ve ever had at a speaking engagement. They were eager to learn, taking notes, participated at appropriate points, and laughed, cried, and were attentive. It was perfect, and the hour flew by far too quickly!

I’m thankful for the new Chobani bites. Have you tried these things yet? Being smaller than the normal Chobani containers, these are the perfect snack. I’ve been anxiously waiting for my grocery store to get them, and finally, after weeks of waiting, they did! I immediately tore into the fig with orange zest, and it was AMAZING. Please do yourself a favor and RUN to your store to pick up some of these bites:)

photoLook how cute this container is! It’s even tastier too, and still has 8g of protein!

I’m thankful for a good run. After giving myself a harsh talking to about my negative mindset with training, I tried to go into my 5k race last week with a good mindset. It worked, and I had a really great run! I’m thankful that one bad run or workout doesn’t mean that the next one has to be bad at all.

I’m thankful for game apps on my phone. It’s not that I play them all that much, but to be able to play games with friends and family across the country is really fun! It’s a great way to stay connected and “do something together” even while we’re on opposite sides of the country.

I’m thankful for a relaxed work day yesterday. We had a mini retreat for part of the day, and it was a nice break from the normal flow of my day. I have to admit that I was a little stressed about it because it meant shuffling clients and my schedule the rest of the week, which I don’t prefer. However, it was nice to sit around an indoor fire pit, have a tasty lunch delivered, and get to know people from my office a bit better. It was nice (and I LOVED the fire!)

Now it’s your turn to share! What are you feeling thankful for this thursday? Have you tried any of the new Chobani Bites?