When you think about health and wellness, what do you think about? How do you decide if you are healthy or well?

It’s tempting to determine our health based on the absence or presence of negative things. It might go something like this: “I’m not depressed, don’t have anxiety, never had an eating disorder, I’m not overweight, so I’m a pretty healthy person”. This line of thinking is tempting, but inaccurate. The thing is, the absence of the “negative” in life doesn’t equal being “positive”. It’s simply just neutral.

This is what’s critical in working through our health and wellness: Health isn’t just about the absence of the negative, but the presence of positive factors. While it’s important to get the “negative things” in life to a more healthy place, we also need to work on adding positive factors in our life as well. Working through various dimensions of wellness, we have the ability to add in positive factors to our lives, and reach a point of health and wellness.

The question is– Will you do what it takes to add the presence of the positives into your life?