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Back in January I announced that one of my 13 challenges for 2013 was to run 13 races. I knew that I would need to find some virtual races, and as I was looking online, I stumbled on The Sweet Cupcake Race! I LOVE cupcakes, and I knew this race would be perfect for one of my 13 races. After my tough 5k race two weeks ago, I was hopeful that this one would be better.

I ran my race on Thursday instead of Saturday because it was supposed to be 20 degrees warmer, and I really wanted to run while the sun was out (and on Valentines Day, the day of doing things I love)! There was one slight problem to this plan; the winds were blowing at 23 miles an hour!

I headed out and straight into the wind. It was TOUGH. I’m talking head down into the wind and eyes watering so badly that I couldn’t see at times. About half a mile in I turned a corner and things were ok until about mile 2.7 when things got pretty tough again.

Picture 33

While this wasn’t my fastest 5k, I finally feel like I’m getting back into my running routine. In fact, this 5k race was four and a half minutes faster than my 5k race two weeks ago! I’m definitely making progress:) After acknowledging last weekend that I wasn’t so excited about training for my half marathon, this race really did a lot to perk me back up and get me excited!


Plus, when it comes down to it, who wouldn’t be excited about running for a cute cupcake medal and a cupcake headband?

So, overall, race #2 for 2013 was a success! This was the fastest 5k I’ve run since Thanksgiving, and I feel like I’m finally getting back into my running groove again!

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s your favorite medal you’ve gotten from a race?