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Ah, it’s Valentine’s Week, and all the anti- Valentine’s day people are out in full swing. The thing is, I get it. I understand that Valentine’s Day can be a reminder of our “aloneness”, or can hit our fear that we aren’t enough for a relationship. This Valentine’s Day, instead of grumbling about how much you dislike the day (because honestly, grumbling just leads to feeling worse about things, not better) why not choose to focus on loving yourself well and having fun throughout the day. You can read all about how I shifted my focus last Valentine’s Day here.

In the name of loving ourselves not only on Valentine’s Day, but on each day of the year, here are some ideas:

View yourself as an investment: Instead of viewing the time and energy you put into yourself as selfish, acknowledge the investment you are putting into yourself, and how that will positively impact those around you. I devoted an entire post to this a few weeks ago.

Plan a fun girls night. Even if you aren’t dating someone, you can still have a great night full of love and laughter! Go out or stay in, but plan something fun so you aren’t alone throwing yourself a pity party.

Pamper yourself! Schedule a massage, haircut, manicure, pedicure or something similar. Not only do we usually feel a little about ourselves, but it’s a fun way to show care towards ourselves and our bodies!

Take a new class! This is not only fun, but can introduce you to new people and teach you a new skill. Here are a few ideas: Baking, cake decorating, scrap booking, a fitness class, sewing class, wood working course, art class, etc…

Remember that your worth doesn’t come from a relationship status. I know that sometimes it really does feel like our sense of “okay-ness” comes from whether we’re in a relationship or not, but it doesn’t. Try to avoid that connection as much as possible.

The primary point is this- you can choose not to be miserable this Valentine’s Day! You can choose to love and invest in yourself, and you can choose to have fun with those in your life, even if you aren’t dating someone. And, if you are dating someone, it’s important to focus on loving yourself too!

Now it’s your turn to share! How do you plan on loving yourself this Valentine’s Day? What’s one of your favorite ways to pamper yourself?