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Happy Thursday, a day where we not only realize how close we are to the weekend (!!), but also focus on what we are thankful for in our lives. Because I do this once a week, I notice myself more automatically picking out things I’m thankful for throughout the week (and that’s a really healthy thing!). However, no matter how much I work at it, those negative thoughts do of course come. Anyways, here’s what I’m thankful for right now:

I’m thankful for taco soup. I’ve been eating this taco soup for many dinners this week, and it’s just so delicious! Plus, with it being really chilly the last week, it’s the perfect dinner to warm up to after a work out and driving home in the cold! There’s nothing better than food that warms you from the inside out! Yummm.

I’m thankful that success doesn’t just have one definition. If it did, I’m pretty sure that we’d fail a whole lot more in our lives. As I was running my 5k race this weekend in some of the most rough conditions I’ve ever run in, I realized that the race wasn’t a failure despite my poor finish time. There were so many things that made the race a success, even though it was my slowest 5k race yet.

I’m thankful for the new addition to my schedule for the next few weeks! Two days a week for the next two and a half months I’m leading a counseling group for a school. I’m really looking forward to meeting the participants, and I’m thankful I have the option to do things outside of my normal job! I love it!

I’m thankful that I have access to a free gym. I sometimes catch myself grumbling on the way to the gym because it’s not as nice as the one near my parents that I get to work out at 4 months a year. I usually try to stop that train of thought though, because ultimately I am really lucky! I get free access to a gym through my job, and although it’s not as nice, it still does the job and has clean locker rooms I can shower at. Sure, they might not be as nice, but the fact that I don’t have to pay for the gym is something that I would like to be continually thankful for in my life.

I’m thankful for my new office! I can’t remember if I ever mentioned it on here, but at the start of the new year I moved into a new office. I debated moving for a few months, and was reasonably anxious while moving (there was lots of deep breathing on my end!). I was unsure if I’d like the new office or if I would be happy sitting in it all day, but after a month of being in the new office and I can firmly say that I really like it! It’s the size of my last two offices combined (plus maybe a bit more space) and so comfortable! I also have a small sized lazy boy that I get to sit in when I see clients (instead of my desk chair which I’ve always sat in) and it’s really comfortable! I’m thankful I decided to try something new:)

I’m thankful that I figured out how to plan and cook my meals on Sundays early in my career. For about two years now I’ve made at least all my lunches (if not some dinners too) on Sunday afternoons, and that creates a lot less stress throughout the week (plus give me great fuel each day!). I’m not sure why I first started doing that, but I sure am thankful that I did. It’s a true time saver!

Now it’s your turn to share! Tell me a few of the things that you’re thankful for today? Do you like change, or does it make you a little uncomfortable?