Today has been a random sort of day, so to go along with that I’m going to type up a random things post. Maybe this will give you an extra little peek into my life? Here we go- a bunch of random things from my life:

  1. I’ve been sick this entire week. It’s been a bummer, and I haven’t gotten much done because of it. Oh, let me clarify. I’ve read and watched lots of TV, but I haven’t done too much that’s been productive. I have, however, managed to watch the entire 5th season of The Office. Michael was still manager, and the 5th season was truly fantastic!
  2. I’ve eaten an obscene number of gingerbread cookies over the last three weeks. I’ve managed to make two large batches (for a total of almost 70 cookies) since the start of 2013, and an obsessed. I made the cookies in this batch much smaller so that I can go back to the container more times throughout the day. Pathetic, right? But I’m sick, so it’s ok…
  3. I’ve only run once in 2013, and I feel really sad about it. I wrote all about my great 2013 run last Friday, and then promptly got sick (see #1). I’m excited to hit the road again. I’m also still in shock that I have a desire to run. College and grad school me would’ve never believed it.
  4. I’m obsessed with my space heater. Most of the winter it’s on almost every moment that I’m at home, unless I am sleeping. I pay almost nothing more on my electric bill when using it, but I pay about 20-30 dollars less in my energy bill each month because I use much less heat. WIN! I carry my space heater from room to room with me so that I don’t freeze.
  5. Speaking of paying for heat, I really don’t like paying for it. It feels like a little bit of a waste of money. So, I typically keep my heat set on either 58 or 60 degrees. It’s so cold when I wake up, and really chilly when I get home from work. I often end up wearing a fleece and long underwear around my house… at least until my space heater warms the place up!
  6. I couldn’t handle the sadness I felt when I was putting my Christmas decorations away, so I kept my white lights up. I have only turned them on a few times, but I just felt like I needed a few more weeks with them. I still smile each time I walk in the front door and see them hanging up though.
  7. I chopped 4 and a half inches off my hair almost a month ago. You wouldn’t know because I have almost no pictures of my hair down on here. I chopped off a lot and immediately regretted it. But after a few days I decided I actually enjoyed having shoulder length hair.
  8. Once I put my 13 challenges in 2013 post on here, I immediately got nervous. The truth is that I’m worried I won’t succeed at some of those challenges. The thing with some of the exercises, especially running, is that I am injury prone, and my ability to succeed will be completely dependent on what happens. I’m nervous. And excited.
  9. I loved the movie Argo. I actually think it might be my favorite (or at least top 3) movie of this awards season. I sat on the edge of my seat for most of the movie, and may have gotten very teary eyed at the end. It was SUCH a good movie, and based on a real story to boot! And it actually has proper framing, unlike Les Mis. (I enjoyed the movie and really love the story, but the framing was truly hideous. The director needs to spend a bit more time learning about proper framing… )
  10. I paint my nails about 80% of the time on Sunday nights. That way it’s as fresh as possible for the start of the week, giving me more work days before the major chips happen. I happen to love having my nails painted, and every time I look down at work and see a little sparkle on my nails, I smile.

So, that’s a bit about me that I don’t often share on the blog (ok, I think the space heater has made it onto my thankful thursday posts a few times…).

Now it’s your turn to share! Tell me something random about you!