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My first workouts of 2013! This week was a bit of an unexciting week. My goal was to just keep moving this week, and I at least accomplished that. Most of my walks have taken place in the 0-20 degree range, with a wind chill of colder than that! It’s been a bit hard to adjust to the cooler temperatures, but I’m still getting outside and moving every day, and right now that’s my goal:) Here’s what the week looked like:

  • Sunday: 2.00 mile run, 1 hour pilates
  • Monday: .59 mile walk, .75 hour of pilates
  • Tuesday: .8 mile walk
  • Wednesday: Rest- In the car for 10 hours traveling
  • Thursday: 2.36 mile walk
  • Friday: 1.63 mile walk
  • Saturday: 1.94 mile walk

Total miles: 2.0 mile run + 7.32 mile walk= 9.32 total miles and 1.75 hour pilates

Low miles, but I definitely moved, and that’s a hard thing to do with traveling and recovering from the Christmas and New Years holidays! Now that I’m back at my own home my workouts will adjust a bit, but hopefully I’ll fall into a new rhythm quickly enough! With all the pilates I did over Christmas, I didn’t do planks because I was already doing an hour of core work each of those days. Now that my pilates will decrease, I plan to start back up on my plank challenge again!

Now it’s your turn to share! Do your workouts still feel a bit off, or did you keep the same rhythm between Christmas and New Years? What’s a fitness goal you have for yourself this month?